Online Desk: The Ministry of Education has instructed to close all the madrasas in the country, including the Qawmi Madrasa, to prevent the upward transmission of the corona virus in the country. All residential and non-residential madrasas have been instructed to close. The ministry has said that any kind of relaxation will not be tolerated in compliance with the instructions. A notification was issued on Tuesday (April 6) from the Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education.

In a circular, the ministry said a notification had been issued by the Prime Minister’s Office on March 29 that all educational institutions, including madrassas, would be closed due to the alarming rise in corona virus infection in the country. Currently, lockdown is in force in the country. The government has decided to close all educational institutions in the country till May 22. But despite government directives, some residential and non-residential madrasas are reported to be open in different parts of the country. Which is risky for the current Corona situation.

Therefore, the Technical and Madrasa Education Department has issued a notification to close all madrasas (non-residential) including Qawmi Madrasa (except orphanages) until further instructions. The ministry has instructed all madrasas to strictly abide by this directive.

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