Salman Khan, Fultala (Khulna) A memorandum was handed over to UNO Sadia Afrin and Ojopadiko’s Resident Engineer Utpal Chandra Dey on Thursday afternoon with a protest procession organized by Fultala Upazila Water and Environment Protection Committee to protest the pulling of underground water pipes from Fultala by Khulna Washa. . It is mentioned in the given memorandum that if 1 crore gallons of underground potable water is taken to Khulna metropolis daily through 20 booster pumps from 14 miles of Fultala to Pather Bazar area, desertification will be created in Fultala area. As a result, agriculture, fisheries, nurseries and public life will be endangered in this area. In addition, the memorandum states that many tube wells have already become useless due to the fall in groundwater level. A 15-kilowatt electrical connection has already been installed in Pather Bazar, Damodar High School and Masjid areas on January 25 to start the booster pump, power office sources said.

Before handing over the memorandum, the convener of the Upazila Water and Environment Protection Committee was less at the local Awami League office. Chairman of the Upazila Parishad Alhaj Sheikh Akram Hossain was the chief guest at the function presided over by Anshar Ali Mollah. Awami League leaders Md Aslam Khan, Mrinal Hazra, Abu Taher Ripon, Upazila Parishad Vice Chairman KM Zia Hasan Tuhin, UP Chairman Sharif Mohammad Bhuiyan Shiplu, Kamruzzaman Nannu, Press Club President Tapash Kumar Biswas, among others were present under the direction of Member Secretary Sardar Shahabuddin Jippi. Press Club President Shamsul Alam Khokon, Journalist Sheikh Moniruzzaman, Md. Neshar Uddin, Workers Party Leader Master Sandipan Roy, Arifuzzaman Bablu, AH Majid Mollah, Lecturer Gautam Kundu, Rezoyan Raja, Ismail Hossain Bablu, Sur Ansar Ali, AH Raoz , Freedom fighters Subodh Kumar Bose, Nur Hossain, Shahinur Alam and others.

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