Today is the 12th death anniversary of film director Azharul Islam Khan. He died on 8 May 2009 in Dhaka. He was 6 years old at the time of his death. I pay my respects to this late talented film director. I pray for the forgiveness of his disembodied soul.
Azharul Islam Khan was born on 19 Poush 1341/3 January 1935 in Dhamrai, Dhaka district. He studied up to BA.
In 1973, he made his film debut as an assistant director in ‘Bala’. The shooting of this film directed by Syed Awal started in 1984. It takes a long time to get released after finishing work (198). Meanwhile, Azharul Islam Khan started acting in films. As far as is known, his first film ‘Gunai Bibi’ was released in 1986.
Films directed by Azharul Islam Khan – Yeh Agune Puri (Supervisor), Tears (Collectively), Smuggler (Collectively), Pagla Raja, Joker, Sukhe Thako, Divorce, Repentance, Companion, Son Car, After Death, Karate Master, Kung Fu Daughters, terrible warriors, brothers, etc.
Azharul Islam Khan was a good quality actor. He has also acted in TV dramas and films. He has also been seen in some commercials.
Azharul Islam Khan has held various posts including General Secretary and President of Bangladesh Film Directors Association at different times.
Azharul Islam Khan was a successful producer of popular social films. Almost all of his films have been popular, commercially successful and discussed. He was well known as a healthy-quality filmmaker.
In the film world of Bangladesh, he also had a reputation as a white-straight good man, respected by all.
Azharul Islam Khan, who has made a unique contribution to the prosperity of the film industry in Bangladesh, will survive through his valuable creations for generations to come.

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