Md. Amjad Hossain Ratan, Nagarpur, Tangail: The history of Tangail and the history of the traditional Nagarpur Women’s Honors College. As far as is known from history, the Chowdhury dynasty started zamindari in Nagarpur from the source of Subiddha-Khan. Jadunath Chowdhury was the first man of the Chowdhury dynasty. He established zamindari on about 54 acres of land. His three sons – Upendra Mohan Chowdhury, Jagadindra Mohan Chowdhury, Shashank Mohan Chowdhury – can be seen in their lineage.

The British government conferred the title of Roy Bahadur on Satish Chandra Roy Chowdhury, the eldest son of Upendra Mohan Chowdhury, in recognition of his services to the common people. The younger son Suresh Chandra Roy Chowdhury is relatively westernized. He was a man of fancy nature than many. He was very sporty. He was the founding secretary of East Bengal Club, a famous football team of the sub-continent. Built in a blend of Western and Mughal culture with a unique aesthetic beauty, the living room was above the nahabatkhana.
Every morning in the morning, the Bhairabi sound of Sanai woke up the people of Chowdhury area. It is said that Roy Bahadur’s younger brother Suresh Chowdhury had planned to keep Nagarpur in the style of Kolkata, the capital of the whole city. There was a lovely zoo next to the Rangmahal of Chowdhury’s house. Peacocks, cockatoos, deer, carcasses and finally tigers and lions took place in the zoo at the behest of amateur Suresh Chowdhury. After the partition of the country in 1947, the then government acquired all the assets of the Chowdhury House. The entire interior of the building is built of lovely white stone. Nagarpur Women’s Honors College has been established in this main building of the now visible Chowdhury House. There are four locks of the zamindari period in the Kechi gate of the college, it is visible. The principal of the college Md. Anisur Rahman said that the college was named Raushan Ershad Mahila Vidyalaya on the occasion of the establishment of the college on 26-6-1989. The land of the zamindars here was 22 acres. 5:61 acres were allotted in the name of the college, some part of the allotted land is still in the possession of the college authorities. Several buildings have been sealed as they were recently destroyed (risky to use). The opinion of the principal is that if the tourist center is declared here, the people of Nagarpur will benefit more.

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