Sports Desk: Bangladesh needed a 2-goal win against Nepal to get a relatively weak Kyrgyzstan in the final. However, Jamie Day’s forces could not create a clear opportunity with a single goal, let alone two goals. Again, no goal is digested due to the strength of the defense. As a result, the match at Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu, Nepal was a goalless draw on Saturday and Bangladesh got Nepal in the final on Monday.

But the satisfaction is the same. The team from Dhaka went to the final as the best of the three teams. And Nepal has become runners-up. On the other hand, the Kyrgyz Olympic team, which has been wishing Nepal good luck all the time, had to say goodbye. The game in front of the fierce Nepali spectators in the final is quite difficult for the visitors.

Right back Mohammad Emon and stopper back Mehedi Hasan made their debuts and Bangladesh will play against Nepal today. Jamie Day changed the whole of the XI that won against the Kyrgyz. The purpose is to see everyone on the squad for the June World Cup qualifiers. Jamal Bhuiyan played well in the first half without making a mistake in the defense line. The match was dominated by the visitors. If striker Mahabubur Rahman Sufil could have taken possession of the ball in the 8th and 44th minutes, then the lead would have come. In the first 45 minutes, Nepal got the most opportunity. In the 11th minute, Anjan Bistar hit the empty head crossbar and Raksha Bangladesh team.

At the beginning of the second half, Nepali striker Sunil Bal came on the field and the hosts gained momentum in the attack. They continue to attack with the left back position of the Bangladesh team. Coach Jamie Day saw the situation and changed four footballers in 60 minutes. Even then Bangladesh failed to create a clear chance to score. The question is whether this team will win against Nepal in the final.

In the 54th and 65th minutes, Nepal came very close to the goal twice. In the 59th minute, Sohail blocked Sanju Rai’s shot on the right side near Sunil Bal. Abhishek Rizal’s head missed in the 85th minute and no goal was scored.

In the 85th minute, Yassin Arafat’s cross helped Bangladesh score a goal but Abdullah’s head hit Mehdi Royal in front of them and the ball did not go into the net. Several passes of the Red Greens were lost due to wrong pass. Unintentional passes also become a problem. Debutant defender Mehedi Hasan played excellently. Emon did well too.

Bangladesh team: Sohail, Rafi (Badshah 58 m.) Emon, Mehedi, Jamal (Sohag 75 m.), Rakib (Biplu 72 m.), Sufil, Abdullah, Sumon (Royal 8 m.), Manik (Sohail Rana 69 m.) .), Arafat.

This time Sohail did not make a mistake

Bangladesh exited the group stage in the SAF Football Championship 2011 and 2016. The first was held in Delhi, and the second in Dhaka. The two SAF championships were a tragedy for Bangladesh.

At that time the Nepalis defeated the red and greens. However, the contribution of the goalkeeper Shahidul Alam Sohail was more behind the victory of the Himalayan country in that game.

Bangladesh lost 0-1 in Delhi and 0-2 in Dhaka. Sohail did not play in the national team after that tragic incident at Bangabandhu Stadium. Although this keeper of Dhaka Abahani was always with the team.

After two and a half years, that Sohail is again in the goal post of Bangladesh. The opponent is Nepal. The only difference is that this time the venue is Dasharath Stadium in Kathmandu. But this time Shahidul Alam did not make any mistake. Due to his achievement, this league match between Bangladesh and Nepal was a goalless draw in three nations football.

Sohail, the son of Chittagong, has a bad record of age-based national team, senior national team and Abahani. In all, the number of his goals scored is 15/16. One such mistake by a goalkeeper is enough to end his career. Sohail is playing patiently there. Ever his great performance. Ever or surprisingly round digestion.

He is also one of the senior footballers of Bangladesh team at the moment. When Jamal was picked up in the 85th minute, Sohail was given the armband. All in all, this tall keeper has done well. As a result, the Bangladesh-Nepal match was drawn in Nepal. With this, the two teams drew goalless in two consecutive matches.

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