Md. Committed suicide with his wife. A person named Nayan (28). He wrote a note before his death. Police recovered his body from his house in Ailikhil village in Ward 9 of Raozan Municipality on Saturday morning.

Raozan police sub-inspector (SI) Ajay Kumar Pal said the two got married three years ago without the consent of the family. When Nayan’s wife left her father’s house due to marital quarrel, he committed suicide out of pride. His body was found hanging from a tree at the scene after receiving the news in the morning. In a note before his death, Nayan wrote, ‘Love, my soul. Love more than my life. You won’t come to see me, it’s up to me. I love you so much, Sanjida. I know. Don’t let my wife come next to my body, she can’t see my dead body. Fulfill this wish. Don’t blame anyone for me. He is happy, I am very happy. Goodbye … ‘

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