Everything is predestined by the great Creator, only we try to implement it by karma, action and effort are only determined by the implementation of every prescribed rizik or all actions are karma, this is my belief and this may or may not be true since there is no knowledge about Islam. I said the thing from the account and I will say one thing in this context, how many things we do not do in this world for this little time, we never think that one minute later we have someone else who owns this expensive car, house, movable thing, then why so much hesitation. So much violence, so much oppression, so much injustice, everything is temporary for a short time, yet we never try to realize such a big truth ourselves, everything in the future will get the present, everything will have to suffer in the world, whatever happens after death, you Think for a minute, as soon as you close your eyes, your relatives, wife, children, brothers and sisters will all be busy burying you in a shroud, they will think in their minds that the sooner we can bury the dead, the better for the dead. One wonders, though, that for those for whom I have done so much, whether they ever wish to keep me with them one day after death, then everything must be done for them, as real as it is, Steps have to be taken, I am sharing with you today on the same subject, maybe knowing this real news may bring light to someone’s mind, I am sharing such an incident among you —

A corona patient died in Comilla Medical, but Pelona is the real treatment? At the time of death, as if there were no relatives next to him, so life passed away in a state of confusion, and the famous conscience team of Comilla was forced to bury his hands, feet and head in a state of restlessness.
Data Collection- facebook Shariyar Aryan

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