Online Desk: Baghai fish weighing 36 kg has been sold at Battala Bazar in Tangail city for Tk 36,000. On Tuesday afternoon, fish seller Fazlu Mia brought the fish to the Battala market in the district headquarters.

Fazlu Mia said the fish was caught from Sirajganj area of ​​Jamuna river last night. He bought the fish from the fishermen there. After bringing Battala to the market, many people flock to see this big fish. Later 12 people bought the fish for 36 thousand rupees.

Abdul Gafur Mia, a teacher who buys fish, said that there are less big fish in the market. So after seeing it, they decided to buy the fish together with 12 people. Later 12 people did not buy the fish for 36 thousand rupees. I have cut and divided the fish in the market.

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